One of the most rewarding things about a collaborative effort is seeing how people freely give of their time to create something special. It’s an enormous amount of work and yet the following people stepped forward to make sure the soldiers who gave the lives in service to Canada were honoured.

The Portrait Artists
Susan Abma
Shairl Honey
Cindy Revell

Family Coordinators 
Cendra Beaton
Armande McCormack

Exhibition Manager
Jean Leebody

The Team
Chris Aanderson
Michelle Bartsch
Joanne Byfield
Cheng Chang
Shel Fraser
Laurie Hawn
Tanya Laughren
Lesley Primeau
Bob Robertson
John Schappert
Larry Schwenneker
Major (Retired) John Shorten
Major Terry Strocel
Honourary Colonel Ian Taylor
Debbie Walker

Corporal Ed Belda
Bombardier Gerald Maximillien
Warrant Officer Dan Daerendinger
Captain (Retired) Mike Lacharite
Chief Warrant Officer Ross Pettit
Lieutenant Colonel James MacMillan

Shari Narine

Susan Blackman Abma
Tracey L. Anderson
Nancy G. Bateman
Nicole Beaudoin
Ellie Braun-Haley
Eileen Brettner
Peter Brown
Sheryl Campbell
Shawna Conrad-Turner
Sarah J. Den Boer
Jeananne Kathol Kirwin
Rhonda Kronyk
Jill Kruse
Julie Harris
Sumari McLeod
Katrina Lingrell
Linda Moore
Tigest Mulugeta
Shari Narine
J’lyn Nye
Wendy Ogden
Janet Rolfson
Eric Silver
Janet E. Smith
Kaylen Small
Kathy Steinemann

French Translators
Anne-Josée Lacroix-Arguin
Marc Bélanger
Julie Bilodeau
René Ladsous
Catherine Lavedrine
Danny Léger
Pierre Levesque
Annabelle Normandeau
Louise Pariseau
Ysabelle Poulin
Sylvie Alice Roy
Charlyne Cormier Trudeau
Walter Zicha Jr.

Crystal Willey

Artists Of The PTSD/Suicide Painting ‘The Other Fallen’
Susan Abma
Susan Box
David Brooks
Terry Elrod
Shairl Honey
Margaret Klappstein
Tracey Mardon
Cindy Revell
Michelle Ross
Laura Watmough

People Who Stepped Up
Morris Abma
Shannon Berry (Protologic)
Susan Box
Lise Charron
Grant Cree
Edmonton Salutes
Dixon Christie (Hype TV)
Carla Clark
Jeff Day
David Haas
Jeff Pesaruk
Mari Hemery
Jean-Felix Hery
Alaina Langford
Robert Laporte
Walt Leebody
Terry Revell
The United Services Institute
Mac Torrie
Kirby Woywitka
Walter Zicha