Being a soldier wasn’t a job for David, it was a passion. He shared that message with students in his hometown of Raymore.

Since he was 12 years old, David was fascinated by the military. He collected trading cards from the Gulf War, read books about the military and followed world events with interest.

He joined the Canadian Forces in February 2002.

David was a man of quiet strength and was intensely loyal. He was sarcastic, had a dry sense of humour and a huge smile. David didn’t like to be the center of attention and his business was his business. He never met a discussion he didn’t like.

In 2011, David’s mother Patty was named National Silver Cross Mother by the Royal Canadian Legion. She laid a wreath at the National War Memorial in Ottawa on Remembrance Day on behalf of all Canadian families who lost a son or daughter serving in the Canadian Forces.

By Shari Narine

Portrait by Susan Abma