Even from the earliest age, Martin was a protector and defender for what he believed in. In elementary school, when Martin saw a student being swarmed on the playground, he stepped in and took on the bullies to protect the student. But Martin was more about the intellect. When asked, he provided honest advice, even if his opinion was not popular, and he mediated disputes, offering a list of pros and cons to help resolve issues.

Martin had a desire to understand at the deepest level. He valued his solitude and reading was among his top passions. Many of his books held personal bookmarks that listed questions he still wanted answers to or topics he wanted to research. He was also big into video games, playing warfare games for hours to stimulate his mental development and to challenge himself intellectually.

When Martin joined the army, he continued to strive to improve his knowledge so he would be both a better soldier and better at his job.

Martin was skilled at martial arts and in excellent physical condition.

After high school, Martin undertook many activities, but nothing seemed to hold his interest or challenge him intellectually for any length of time. Then he joined the forces in order to make a difference. He believed in his mission and carried it out with pride.

Those in command viewed Martin as a professional, as someone who was always there to help and was always calm in difficult circumstances. He was motivated and serious, and determined to make a difference, but he also knew when to have a good time. His infectious smile and upbeat manner were catching.

By Shari Narine

Portrait by Susan Abma