Craig was a loving husband and father, a dedicated soldier, and a proud Newfoundlander. His larger than life presence was the common thread he wove into each part of his life. It was evident in his caring nature as he tended to his two aunts by lifting them from their wheelchairs and helping them to be comfortable. Craig didn’t wait to be asked to help – he was always the first to offer his assistance to those he knew needed it.

It was also evident in his outgoing nature; Craig was willing to talk with anyone, and wherever he was posted for duty, he would visit local businesses and ask for donations for needy families. It was also evident in his prankster nature and witty sense of humour. Perhaps it was more evident in his ability to listen to others and in how everyone he met was quick to call him a friend. And he lived it in his caring dedication and bravery as a soldier. Craig demonstrated exceptional loyalty and dedication towards his men and with all of those he served. These were the common threads throughout Craig’s life.

But, Craig’s bigger than life presence was most evident in his greatest dream, the one he was most proud of: his family. Craig loved to tell stories of his family, and as he did, he would share openly the pride he held for each of them. He had a way of making his wife feel like the most important person in the world, and he was always there for his children. From taking taekwondo lessons with his daughter to coaching hockey for his son, Craig found great joy in sharing in his children’s interests. One of his favourite activities was the family camping trips they took together. He also loved to spend time with the large circle of people that he considered his family. In fact, on family holidays, it was not unusual for friends of Craig’s children to be vacationing with them.

Craig’s loving and protective nature as a husband, father, and brother was bigger than life. And being a soldier was a natural extension of these, his finest traits. He was dedicated to the mission in Afghanistan, and his strong presence there wove a significant and memorable difference in the lives of many.

By Linda Moore

Portrait by Susan Abma