Chad Horn was an optimistic and caring young man with a contagious smile and a penchant for helping others. He governed his life according to his favourite motto: “For those I love, I will sacrifice.”

Chad was born and raised in Calgary, and as a child, he loved to play with toy cars, was an avid member of the Scouts and Cubs, enjoyed street hockey, and was a dedicated Mighty Ducks fan. Chad also enjoyed the outdoors and adored animals. He attended Henry Wise Wood High School and graduated in 2004. Chad always wore a genuine smile and loved to see others smile as well, so he would not hesitate to lend a helping hand.

Even at the age of 9, Chad could be described as altruistic: when riding the bus one day with his mother, he saw an elderly woman struggling to board with her hands full of groceries. Without hesitation, he stepped off the bus to help the woman carry her bags and gave up his seat for her. Chad’s desire to protect and help others stayed with him, and in 2006, he joined the military to do exactly that.

Chad is described as a committed and patriotic soldier whose talent as a Light Armoured Vehicle gunner saved many lives in the field. He loved his career as a soldier and was proud to serve his country. When Chad put his mind to something, he did it, and he enjoyed himself. But Chad was not just reliable, disciplined, and eager to learn; he always maintained a positive attitude and tried to boost the morale of his fellow soldiers. His infectious smile, considerate nature, and dedication to his country are some of the reasons why Chad will always be greatly admired by others. He possessed the heart of a true protector.

By Katrina Lingrell

Portrait by Cindy Revell