Hani has been described as a firecracker — charismatic and enthusiastic with an uncanny ability to be happy.

As a child he was always sweet, obedient and cheerful. When he was about 15 yrs. old, he wanted to be a cadet. Very sociable, he loved being with people and being in groups and meetings. It was natural for him. He was drawn to the sense of leadership.

Hani was always joking around with his fellow soldiers and was popular with them. He would often be found at his local Junior Officer’s Mess, where he would be behind the bar serving others. Even there, that’s the kind of guy he was – always wanting to serve and help. The Junior Officer’s Mess at the Citadel of Quebec now has a special place in the bar with Hani’s name inscripted in his memory.

In Kandahar, his serving nature was just as evident. His comrades called him ‘The Mayor of Kandahar’ as he was always making sure all the soldiers had everything they needed.

By Susan Blackman Abma

Portrait by Susan Abma