Frank Mellish loved his alone time and even though he was a quiet guy, he got along well with everyone and had many friends. When he spoke it was important. He was also quick witted and extremely intelligent.

Frank loved military history to the point that he began a collection of military memorabilia. The guys used to joke that it was a museum in Frank’s house and he was their go-to guy for military knowledge. He loved everything about the military.

He joined the air cadets at around 12 years old and from then on he was sold on the military ways. He couldn’t see himself doing anything different. His father offered to pay his university or college fees for whatever he chose and he turned him down. The army was his choice.

Frank was extremely loyal and treated everyone equally. He was family oriented, and he always fought for the underdog. Frank was a defender of those in need from a young age, and he didn’t care if he had to go up against someone bigger or smaller than him, he defended those he cared about and those that needed help.

He was very loved and showed love, too. He wasn’t afraid to show affection. He was always hugging.

A complete neat freak; there was never one thing out of place in his room. He couldn’t stand disorder.

His favourite pastime was building models planes or boats. He built an 8-9’ long replica of the HMCS Bonaventure that is now in a museum in Halifax. He also enjoyed collecting NASCAR items.

He and his wife met in the air cadets when they were 13 and 14 years old. They joined the Air Reserves together and then both went on to the military from there.

Frank did seven tours total, including Cypress, Somalia Bosnia, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.

He left behind his wife Kendra and two sons Matthew & Koven.

Frank has many things named in his memory, and he’s on the cover of a book called “Somali Year.”

By Susan Blackman Abma

Portrait by Susan Abma