Cpl. Albert Storm served as an army cadet in his hometown of Fort Erie, ON, but he didn’t initially set out to become a soldier. He had been studying to be a construction engineer when he enlisted on a trip to Alberta to visit his sister in 1990. Once Albert committed himself to life in the military, though, he excelled as a soldier and enjoyed his work.

During his military career, Albert undertook peace actions in global conflicts. Before his two tours in Afghanistan, he was in Bosnia and Croatia. Although he had spent a long time in combat zones and Afghanistan was set to be his last tour of duty, he asked to extend his stay there because he still wanted to give something back.

Albert was a strong man who was affectionately known as “Stormy.” While he had a serious side, he also had a light-hearted one and a silly sense of humour. He loved to answer the phone—his or anyone else’s—by saying “Pizza! Pizza!” He was so well known for the phrase that his brother’s friend once picked him up at the airport holding a sign with the words “Pizza! Pizza!” instead of Albert’s name. His joking side also showed itself in teasing postcards that he and his brother sent to their sister. The jokes weren’t meant only for her, though; the brothers wanted to give postal workers a laugh, too.

Albert was generous with others and had an affable smile. He loved his two children, his family, and his country, which he served with pride. Another of Albert’s great loves was the outdoors. He enjoyed camping and fishing so much that his goal for retirement—which he talked about often and which was only three years away—was to spend his days fishing in Kenora, ON.

No matter what Albert was doing—at work or at play—his motto was always, “We’re good to go!”

By Tracey L. Anderson

Portrait by Cindy Revell