Sharing with Canadians

Project Heroes® is a non-profit exhibition celebrating the lives of the Canadian soldiers who died in Afghanistan. The exhibition gives insight to the many lives touched by war; the soldiers, their families, the wounded in body and spirit, and the Afghan people. The human aspect of this war is presented in context with Canada’s role in the global conflicts and peacekeeping of the past 100 years leading up to the war in Afghanistan. This exhibition was done in cooperation with the soldiers’ families.


Government House

Regina, Saskatchewan

Hosted by Her Honour The Honourable Vaughn Solomon Schofield, S.O.M., S.V.M., Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan

March 31-June 21, held over tIll July 5, 2015 due to popularity with over 10,000 visitors.

Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre

Edmonton, Alberta

Patron and guest speaker His Honour, Col. (Ret’d) the Honourable Donald S. Ethel OC OMM AOE CD LLD, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta

November 3-March 18, 2014 and July 2015 -October 2019