Frequently Asked Questions

The photo used to paint Captain Jeff Francis’ portrait

Are the portraits painted from military photos?

  • These are not traditional military portraits and do not conform to military standards. While we are depicting them as soldiers we are also showing them as the families wished, and if that means including earrings etc. then we are happy to do it.
  • The portraits are painted primarily from family photos, the uniforms and berets are added.
  • What may begin with a candid photo of a soldier relaxing on the beach or sharing a Christmas dinner with his/her family becomes a portrait filled with personality and alive with spirit.

Why can’t I find my soldier?

The portraits and stories are done only with the permission of the primary next of kin. To date we have not been able to locate all of the families and as a result not all the soldiers will be included in the first exhibit. We are committed to painting their portraits and writing their stories. Each exhibit will include more soldiers as families continue to come forward. To get your soldier included in the exhibit please email at or call 780-986-0789

When is Project Heroes® coming to my province?

The exhibit will visit 10 cities over the next couple of years. See the tour schedule to find out when Project Heroes® will be in your province.

How is Project Heroes® funded?

Project Heroes® is a non-profit registered society. Our funding comes from generous sponsors and donors. To make a donation or learn about being a sponsor visit our sponsor/donor page.

Who is creating all of this?

Susan Abma, Shairl Honey and Cindy Revell are the co-founders and artists of Project Heroes®. A team of editor, writers and French translators create the stories. A small group of volunteers help locate the families, interview, coordinate and assist with the tour. Find out about the artists and the volunteers.

Do families get a copy of the portrait?

Yes, families will get 2 free prints of their soldier’s portrait.